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Posted by Satria Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Hi, Movie Mania

Since yesterday, I've found some trouble to download any movie via this blog.
So, I try to find out any solution, so you can download all movies without any trouble.

For you to know, almost all link which you can download via this blog is not fully mine. I just wanna share all links I've already had and found with you, all movie mania. The source of almost movie link, I get from megashare or

All TV Series such as Numb3rs and Supernatural, I take from megashare. Megashare give us 1000 MB a free volume for downloading which is updated every two hours. Megashare will give us code to reactivate a passport to download from megashare. The problem is, sometime, the first volume to download only 250 MB. While some movie such as Transformers etc is more than 500 MB. This problem can be solved by using a third parties downloader. I suggest you tou use IDM (Internet Download Manager). You can get IDM from this link.

Another movies, such as The Book of Eli, I get its link from freefullmovies give us easier way to download any movies. But, there is a little trouble. If your browser such as modzila doesn't have supporting plugins, the link I give you via this blog, will redirect you not to download the movie but to visit youtube. For all I know, We can't download the movie from via youtube. The most importan plugins will you need is available in DivX 7 which you can get from this link. Close your browser, then just install DivX 7 Installer. Restart browser and download from this blog as much as you want.

If you find another trouble, please inform me

For now, let's enjoy our free movies

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